December 23rd 2016 Newsletter
The Board of the John Demarco Scholarship Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of this year's Toms River Wrestling Classic’s two $500.00 scholarships, Elliot Saavedra and Ethan Hartman. Elliot is attending Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Albany, NY, while Ethan attends Washington and Lee in Lexington, Virginia. Both these individuals have outstanding grades and are a credit to the sport of wrestling.

Keep an eye out for next year's classic, to be held as usual on the second Saturday in July. We will be providing a free pretournament clinic once again, but small changes are being implemented in order to have the competition begin on time.

We're always looking to improve your wrestling experience, so feel free to make suggestions.
Thanks to the entire wrestling community and congratulations and good luck to Elliot and Ethan.

Scholarship Winners
  • Toms River North—No eligible seniors
  • Toms River South—Owen Mclave
  • Toms River East—Jake Dallago
  • Monsignor Donovan—Alexander Palacio
  • Ethan Hartman—Washington and Lee University; Lexington, Virginia
  • Elliot Saavedra—Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences; Albany, New York

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10th Annual Toms River Wrestling Classic
June 3rd, 2016

To All Wrestling Fans,

The John Demarco Scholarship Foundations would like to express our appreciation to all persons, both wrestlers and volunteers, who have made the Toms River Wrestling Classic tournament a success for the last 9 years. Special thanks goes out to the referees and local coaches who have given their time freely, without compensation, so that all monies raised by the tournament can go directly to scholarships to graduating seniors in the four Toms River High Schools.

As we prepare for the upcoming 10th annual Classic on Saturday July 9th , extra efforts have been underway through word of mouth and social media to reach all segments of the wrestling community in order to facilitate as large a turnout as possible. In that spirit, we are asking all interested parties to reach out to their contacts to promote the tournament.

In addition to the awards we present to the local high schools two participation scholarships of $500 will be presented to eligible wrestlers who compete in the Classic. One award will require 2 years as a member of a Region 6 high school wrestling team and the second will be an at-large award. To be considered for these awards it is not necessary to wrestle in college, but you must show proof of registration for the Fall 2016 semester.

For those who have younger wrestlers, aside from the benefit of additional mat time, Ken Theobold and Rich Lewis, both Rutgers University standouts and NCAA qualifiers, will be giving a clinic before the start of the first session. This is a good opportunity for them to increase their skills and improve on their wrestling experience.

Please register early and we look forward to seeing you.

Best Regards,
Chuck Egan
John Demarco Scholarship Foundation

Toms River Wrestling Classic
July 18, 2009

     The Board of the John Demarco Scholarship Foundaton would like to extend it's gratitude to all participants and volunteers in this weekends tournament.  After some growing pains last year, we could not have been happier with how this year turned out.
    All wrestlers and fans performed at the highest level.  The officiating was outstanding, with not a single complaint fielded at the head table.
   We would especially like to acknowledge Dan Mullans and Adam Polly, who acted as tournement directors.  We started on time, and flowed smoothly throughout the day.  Each wrestler had the opportunity to wrestle several matches and still get us out in a reasonable time.  Several coaches and parents approached us on their way out, congratulating us on a well run tournament and promising to be back next year.
     The winner of the Region 6 scholarship will be awarded in August.  Remember, we are constantly striving to bring the best wrestling to this venue.  The success of our fund raising will drive the amount and type of awards we can distribute.  Hopefully we can expand the number and size of next years tournament awards.  Please follow this web site for updates.

Thanks to all again.




Newsletter 3/18/2009
Where to start? All I can say about the 2008- 2009 wrestling season is WOW
It has been an exciting year and JDSF (John De Marco Scholarship Foundation) was there to watch. I can tell you personally that we where on our feet screaming in the stands right next to all of you

Toms River has proven to be a force to be reckoned with.
If we were to do the numbers they would read
19 Toms River Wrestlers placed in

District 24
Kyle McNulty (Toms River North)
Allen Manzano (Toms River South)
Vinnie DelleFave (Toms River East)
Mark Maestrey (Toms River South)
Mike Maestrey (Toms River South)
Johnny Morano (Toms River North)
Kyle Kenny (Toms River South)
Vince Prozzo (Toms River East)
Justin Molzon (Toms River East)
Anthony Sherman (Toms River East)
Bryan Sternlieb (Toms River East)
Schumann (Toms River South)
Brian Newman (Toms River North)
Taylor Kau (TR North
Marc Gortva (TR South)
Steve Glawson (Monsignor Donovan)
Mike Barone (TR North)
Mike Peoples (TR East)
Justin Aeling (TR South)

and moved on to the Region 6 Championships where there was 9 of our boys
189: Sr - Brian Newman (TR North)
103: Jr - Kyle McNulty (TR North)
112: Sr - Taylor Kau (TR North
119: Sr - Vinnie DelleFave (TR East)
119: Sr - Mark Maestrey (TR South)
135: Sr - Johnny Morano (TR North
152: Sr - Justin Molzon (TR East)
160: Anthony Sherman (Toms River East
171: Bryan Sternlieb (Toms River East)
that moved on to Atlantic City.

Once there, not only did three Toms River wrestlers place, but our Region showed itself to be the power house of Jersey Wrestling.
With a total of 26 medal winners.

Our congratulations go out to
Justin Molzon TR East (Sr) for his fourth place win
Mark Mastery TR South (Sr) for placing third

What can be said about Vinny DellaFave. What an outstanding match and a well deserved first place winner
All I can say is Coach Reid is going to spend a fortune updating those banners in the wrestling room. Vinny I believe holds the highest honors in TR East’s history.

While our young athletes have made a tremendous showing we need to remember the people that drive them, their parents, their teammates and their coaches.
I am pleased to say that Region 6 has chosen to honor one of our own Toms River coaches, Warren Reid into the Region 6 Hall of Fame. Along with coach Reid, Toms River East alumni Vinnie Salek and All American, state, region and district champion will be inducted.
Reid reached the 300 wins mark back in 2006. With his distinctive voice has motivated many wrestlers in his career.
What about Kevin Williams from WOBM!
Congratulations to all!
I will be attending the banquet and will have an update along with pictures of Toms River’s new hall of fame winners!

With all these accolades I almost left out the most important thing and that is the reason that we are here. We would like to wish our graduating seniors athletes good luck. The following four have committed to schools.

Vinnie DellaFave TR East --- Rutgers
Mark Maestrey TR South—St. Cloud State
Brian Newman TR North-- Newberry

Last but not least is Mike Peoples from TR East, who will be attending Stockton in the fall on an Academic Scholarship!!
Way to go!

1 st Newsletter of the 2008-2009 season

2008- 2009 Wrestling season starts out with a bang!!

Congratulations to all our Toms River Wrestling Teams

Monsignor Donovan Finishes 2nd at Holmdel Holiday Tournament

Indians Finish 2nd at Walter Woods

South Wins CBA Colt Classic

Mariners Win Hawk Classic

North Finishes 4th @ Caldwell Tournament

East�s Sternlieb and DelleFave win titles at Hunterdon Central

East Finishes 3rd At Neptune Classic



FRANK MAJOR for being inducted into the South Jersey Wrestling Hall of Fame.

On November 1st at 7 pm the John De Marco Scholarship Foundation showed up in full force to support one of our own, FRANK MAJOR.
In attendance with Frank was his proud wife Patrica, his mom and his sister, who was a manager of the team, Coach and Mrs. De Marco, Coach Warren Reid, Chuck Egan, Will Fullmer, Cliff Martin, Steve Glawson, Manny Lugo, his old teammates, and myself, Laurel Paulsen.
he Foundation first and foremost would like to congratulate and recognize Kevin J. Harnham from Haddon Township High School; Brett Matter from Delran High School; Bob Hamson from Buena Regional High School; Robert W. Wilkins from Rancocas Valley High School; Thomas Walsh from Paul VI High School; Joe Henry of the NJ Wrestling Officials Association and of course, our own FRANK MAJOR, 115 lb. State Champion from Toms River High School South all the inductees in the class of 2008.
We would like to thank the South Jersey Hall of Fame Foundation for an evening that was full of wonderful stories about each of these gentlemen and their outstanding achievements both on the mat and later in life.
Frank joins Coach De Marco and Jeffrey Parker who were also inducted in the South Jersey Hall of Fame in prior years so you can see what a special time in wrestling history 1977-1978 was.
Of course, I felt that Franks' speech was by far the best one of the evening. His memories were not just his moment in the spotlight. No, as always, Frank is a team player and gave a speech about the warriors that he got to work with every day in the hardest, baddest, wrestling room in the state, at that moment in time, Toms River High School South. He spoke about how those years were crammed with our very own National Hall of Fame Coach John De Marco's training and words of wisdom that would follow him throughout his life.
Frank closed his speech saying that he was proud to have been part of this outstanding time in South's History and he was thankful to all who helped him.

Picture Gallery of Event


On Saturday Dec 13th 2008 the DEDICATION OF JOHN NEMETZ was conducted, at the refurbished wrestling room at Toms River South.
Hands down kudos to Coach Laycock , Booster Club President Al Masetry and the South parents that hosted an outstanding event.
The room was brimming with history in the making! John Nemetz the founder of wrestling in this great town of Toms River really knew how to draw a crowd. Back in a time when Toms River was one school and they owned the river! He started a tradition that is the heart of each of the Toms River Schools wrestling programs today! There where wrestlers from all generations from the first Toms River Team 50 yrs ago to the young men of Toms River South today.
His wrestlers showed their dedication by traveling cross country and on short notice just to have their moment at the podium. Words of praise for this outstanding man where not in short supply. The caliber and sheer volume of speakers showed all who where there that day what a difference one man can make in the lives of many.

Picture Gallery of Event